All functions

amh() pmle() summary(<amh>) plot(<amh>) coef(<amh>) logLik(<amh>) vcov(<amh>) confint(<amh>) summary(<pmle>) coef(<pmle>) logLik(<pmle>) vcov(<pmle>) confint(<pmle>)

Bayesian Model Estimation with Adaptive Metropolis Hastings Sampling (amh) or Penalized Maximum Likelihood Estimation (pmle)


Transformation of Path Coefficients of Cross-Lagged Panel Model


Datasets from Heck and Thomas (2015)


Some Latent Variable Models

loglike_mvnorm() loglike_mvnorm_NA_pattern()

Log-Likelihood Value of a Multivariate Normal Distribution

mlnormal() summary(<mlnormal>) print(<mlnormal>) coef(<mlnormal>) logLik(<mlnormal>) vcov(<mlnormal>) confint(<mlnormal>)

(Restricted) Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Prior Distributions and Penalty Functions under Multivariate Normality


Sufficient Statistics for Dataset with Missing Response Pattern